Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sun Conjunct Neptune: Don't Dream It, Be It

Remember the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on Valentine's Day? Were you able to communicate all the dreamy, inspiring thoughts swimming through your mind? Well, if the challenging Venus-Pluto square occurring at the same time kept you from feeling the universal love that Neptune is capable of, you have another chance today...except that it is far more visceral in nature than the Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

The Sun symbolizes one's life force and ego, and linking up with Neptune at 0 degrees of Pisces, this is an auspicious day for dreaming what and who you want to BE into reality. You need not be an artist or mystic to take full advantage of this aspect, but you will need to be open to the mysterious, inspirational nature of Neptune in its own ruling sign.

Meditate. Listen to music (right now I am playing ELO's El Dorado). If the spirit moves you, do a watercolor painting, or write poem or a song. Take a long bath. Allow yourself fantasize or daydream about your ideal self, with two caveats: Resolve to do something about making this dream come true, and also recognize that if your fantasy is so over the top that it could not possibly come to pass without jail time, eviction, or being chased by butterfly-net-wielding doctors, after the conjunction passes (3:42 p.m. EST) try to dial it down a few notches. Neptune is not moderate, has no boundaries, and can sometimes be downright delusional; if you do not temper its visions of what could be with a dose of pragmatism and awareness of reality, you can become dangerously swept up in its siren song.

You might also find yourself feeling lost or "at sea" today about who you really are; Neptune tends to dissolve or diffuse whatever planet it contacts. Such dissolution is particularly beneficial if you tend to be rigid or overly controlled; Neptune can open you up to new possibilities. However, if you are a Neptunian type to start with (i.e., your natal Neptune is heavily aspected or you have planets in Pisces), this feeling of not really knowing who you are might just be business as usual.

Neptune, which rules Pisces, is highly emotional and inspirational. Let yourself go with this Water-element flow, but at the same time, remember how to breathe underwater, and be sure to respect the undertow. (These instructions are not necessary for the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, but other signs may need them in order to navigate today's waves.)

Good cess in finding your own "Rainbow Connection."

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