Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oy! Get Ready for the Second Solar Eclipse in a Row!

Yes, dear readers, we are about to experience another Solar Eclipse...however, the one that happens tomorrow, July 1 (exact 4:54 a.m. EDT, but only visible if you are a seaworthy penguin in Antarctica), will be quite different in tone and flavor from the Solar Eclipse of June 1.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini stressed communication, curiosity, and learning; it formed a trine Saturn in Libra, which gave some much-needed stability and desire to work on relationships to flighty Gemini. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer, on the other hand, will encourage people to concentrate on such un-Gemini things as family, home, nurturing, intuition, and emotionality. The square to Saturn, exact on Saturday, may indicate a conflict between relatives and marriage, or may manifest as indecisiveness or moodiness about family or a relationship.

That this eclipse occurs on Canada Day should indicate a new cycle beginning for this North American nation, one that concentrates on the above-mentioned Cancerian things. Southern neighbor the United States, on the other hand, will experience its birthday on the Fourth of July with the Moon in Leo and Virgo. At least on the East Coast, I predict this will take the form of of sunning, swimming, relaxing, and romancing during the daytime (when the Moon is still in Leo and the love planet Venus trines dreamy Neptune), followed by people adopting a more down-to-earth, practical, "clean-up time" attitude as the Moon enters Virgo at 9:15 p.m. EDT. (Certainly, many individuals will be preparing themselves to go back to work the following day.)

May the Solar Eclipse in Cancer encourage you, regardless of where you live, to reflect upon your home, family, feelings, and act upon the desire to take care of others, especially those individuals who are the family you have made for yourself.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Notes on Thumbing My Nose at the Sun-Pluto Oppostion

The Sun-Uranus square this past Sunday morning brought me a a head cold (which was gone by Monday morning) and a huge case of stage fright, the result of my having raised the performance bar via memorization of four poems. Odd that since I perform regularly and have strongly aspected Mercury, Saturn, and Moon in my natal chart, I had never before recited my poetry in front of an audience "by heart." Anyhow, I was ready, although I was three-quarters convinced that I was going to choke.

At around 5 p.m. on Monday, still at work but beginning to wind down and plan to apply some sultry eye makeup in the office restroom, I got a rather distressing phone call from the videograper whom I'd booked to capture my virgin "by heart" featured performance: "I'm here early, T.C., but you should know that the place is locked, no sign of life inside, no one is responding to my knocks."

The venue (whose name I will not mention here because bad press is better than no press), a cafe in the EV/Noho that was like a time capsule of late '60s memorabilia, had been undergoing renovations this month, but I had been assured by the reading series' curators that we would still have use of the space -- worst-case scenario being the basement instead of the main room. Then I heard the renovations were supposed to be complete by the 24th.

Renovation is ruled both by Uranus and Pluto, and this renovation in particular sounded more Plutonian: excavation instead of knocking down walls and suchlike. Neither of the curators who had my phone number had called that day to inform me the show had been canceled, and there were no show's-off emails, either. I assured the videographer that most likely, someone would show up by 6 p.m., as the show was to start at 6:30.

My stage fright morphed into anger when I saw for myself that as of 6 p.m., the venue was still locked. The reading series' curators were sitting outside along with some other early birds for the evening. Phone calls were made. Messages were left. Knocks on the door brought forth no answer. In addition to excavation, Pluto rules locks, lockouts, and subterfuge, and with the opposition from the Sun, there was obviously gross miscommunication.

However, despite the Sun-Pluto opposition (with the Sun in my sign), the Moon in Taurus, approaching a trine to my natal Pluto and Ascendant in Virgo and a conjunction to my progressed Moon, salvaged the evening. The videographer had every right to take off, but he waited long enough for the tide to turn, which happened around 6:45. A woman living upstairs eventually let us in, after receiving a phone call from someone associated with the venue, and after one of the curators assumed liability in case anyone got electrocuted or died of cat-piss inhalation.

I learned that night that this show was number 13 in the series, which had begun on a monthly basis just over a year ago. Not surprisingly, 13 is a Pluto number (anyone who doubts that can check out the 13th card in the tarot's major arcana: Death). Fortunately, 13 is my lucky number (as I was born on the 13th).

Everyone performed amazingly well given the weird circumstances, plus the fact that turnout was relatively low (especially compared to last month's show). My darling read a new poem that was both sweet and sexy. And not only did I not choke during my performance, it may have been my best one so far. Because there were fewer people in attendance, and fewer open-mikers, I went on pretty much on schedule. Two of my awesome girl friends, who rarely if ever miss a show I am featured in, showed up and we all went out afterward for a delicious dinner.

So take that, Sun-Pluto opposition! Nyah, nyah, nyah!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Summer Solstice, Dare to Dream...

...okay, so I'm a day late with this advice, but the Sun-Neptune trine is still in effect, so keep on daring to dream. This is a particularly significant aspect, as it marks the first time the Sun trines Neptune in a water sign since late 1970. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, emphasizing the imagination and compassion in addition to fantasy, as well as selfless sacrifice (especially if it pertains to the home and family -- Sun in Cancer concerns).

You may well have been challenged by the Mars-Neptune trine (exact today at 2:46 a.m. EDT), which may have taken the form of an argument with a sibling or neighbor. Mars in airy Gemini can be quite argumentative, wanting to take the wind out of Neptune in Pisces' sail. Other possible manifestations of this square: health trouble (with the arms, hands, feet, or lungs), nightmares, and simply feeling out of sorts in your local environment. However, the worst of the square should have been ameliorated by the Sun-Neptune trine.

Tonight (at least on the East Coast), with the Moon in late Pisces, would be a great night to watch a movie, attend a concert, work on a creative project, take a swim or a long bath...or get to sleep early in order to face the The Last Quarter Moon in Aries (exact 7:48 a.m. EDT) fresh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunar Eclipse: Get Ready for the Most Restless Full Moon of 2011!

As we wend our way through the final week of spring, hold on to your hats -- this is going to be the most restless Full Moon of the year, as it falls in the zodiac's most restless signs (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius) and also occurs on a Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse is exact tomorrow (Wed. 6/15) at 4:14 p.m. EDT, but the energy has been building ever since late last night. I experienced typical Full Moon insomnia when I should've been in the Land of Nod, and have also been unusually productive in terms of writing (an activity I unfortunately cannot devote too much time to on weekdays).

This is a make-or-break point in the lunar cycle: look back to two weeks ago, when we had the Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Gemini. Have you been busy building or repairing lines of communication with those people who are important in your everyday world? If you can honestly say yes, then you will begin reaping the benefits during this Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse. If you have been "too busy" or out to lunch, then tomorrow may force the issue in a most unsubtle way.

This lunation encourages reading, writing, learning, teaching, lecturing, traveling, multitasking, and athletics requiring agility and strength. It does not lend itself to relaxation, meditation, empathy (indeed, you may have a hard time understanding and coping with your own feelings, let alone the emotional states of others), or agreeing to form any commitments that last longer than a day or two.

If you are familiar with your own natal chart, check which of your houses are involved in this Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse and you can see which areas of your life will be particularly affected, with the Gemini-Sagittarius overlay as explained above.

To give one example, this lunation falls across an angle in my chart -- exactly conjunct my Midheaven and IC (i.e., 10th-house cusp and 4th-house cusp). Therefore, I can expect to deal both with home issues (with the Moon placed at the 4th) and my public persona and career (with the Sun at the 10th). I am already feeling the effects of the Sun approaching my Midheaven, as I have been more visible at work this week via extra hours, and have also been preparing to give a featured reading performance (my first since last November). I do hope that once the Moon enters my
4th house, I will literally be able to spend more time at home!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and values; Taurus is our zodiac's first earth sign and is ruled by the beauty-and-pleasure-seeking planet Venus. As Jupiter eases its big toe into Taurus, I thought it apropos to pose a set of related questions to my readers (and to myself!). Feel free to mull these questions over; there are no right or wrong answers, and Taurus is about ruminating, not rushing (that would be Aries's department). Plus, by the time Jupiter leaves the sign of the bull in June 2012, you may find yourself revising some of your responses.


What is your definition of beauty?

What is your attitude toward money?

Are you possessive about your possessions? Do you ever treat your friends and loved ones as possessions?

Which do you tend to value more: "things" or experiences?

Are you comfortable living in the material world?

Are you at ease living in your physical body?

How do you feel about art, and how does art feel about you?

How important to you are the senses of taste, smell, and touch?

What is your attitude toward food?

What is the difference between sensuality and sex?

Do you believe you can love someone if you do not love yourself?

Can you honestly say with a straight face that you love yourself?

What is the difference between stubbornness and persistence?

What are the parameters of your comfort zone, and do you feel comfortable pushing your envelope and departing from that zone?

Do you feel that slow and steady wins the race?

What race in particular are you running in (or not)?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Communication Rebirth

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini just occurred (5:03 p.m. EDT), marking a new lunar cycle and infusing it with additional power via the eclipse. We are now in late spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere); as the days continue to grow warmer and longer, the desire to get out and socialize is generally strong.

Gemini manifests as mingling, communicating, siblings, neighbors, and the local environment. Tomorrow Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, enters Gemini, strengthening the effect of the desire to explore and talk, talk, and talk some more.

Try taking a different route to work or play; Gemini abhors routine, and is always on the lookout to find and learn about something new (even if it is old hat to someone else).

Gemini rules the hands, so anything hands-on is especially favored. Treat yourself to a massage or manicure, and do not be surprised if you suddenly feel the urge to load your fingers with rings.