Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wrapping up Sun in Scorpio on a Full Moon

I've been incommunicado during most of the Scorpio period for a variety of reasons.

For starters, just a few days after Halloween, during a routine eye exam at my local eyewear store for the Visually Challenged, it was discovered I had a small hole in my left retina.

That Friday, during the very dark of the Moon in Scorpio, I got pyrotechnically ill not once, but two times at a lovely dinner party, from either too much to drink or too many samosas, and yet my abrupt excursions to the bathroom miraculously went undetected by all except for my Taller Half.

Upon further examination two days later by an opthalmologist who used to play tennis with my father, the "small hole" in my left retina had morphed into a larger rip, plus there were a few others, and the retina had already begun to detach. The eye operation as considered minor due to the fact that I was awake the entire time and not screaming in pain (though I did inwardly squirm with discomfort and a general sense of ickiness), yet the ordeal left me blurry and sore and quite out of the mood for astrologizing, or much of anything except for sleeping and watching reruns of Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Network.

I am not looking forward to my follow-up exam at the end of the month, but I was extremely lucky my eye problem was detected at this time, for next year, with Uranus in Aries (eyes) squaring Pluto and opposing my Uranus, my left retina might have slipped its moorings altogether.

Last week, with the Moon robustly waxing, found me freelancing in an actual office for the first time in 5 years. On the way to my first day at the office, I decided I had enough time to pick up my new vintage eyeglasses in Chinatown, where I slipped on a leaf and fell on my chin and right knee in the middle of Mott Street. I managed to mop up the blood and buy a new pair of cheap tights and still show up at the office with my new glasses bang on time. I guess the Sun/Jupiter trine made all that possible--including my not being seriously injured. The workplace had great people and high energy, and they seemed to like my work...yet I was also trying to work on another at-home freelance project and prepare for a featured reading performance at the Cornelia Street Cafe. By midweek I was getting very nervous because I still wasn't absolutely sure of my performance program, which is something I like to lock in at least five days ahead of time so I can get in a lot of practice.

Fortunately on Thursday Jupiter and Venus both turned direct in signs that are considered very strong for those two planets: Pisces (Jupiter and Libra (Venus). Plus we got an inspiring Sun/Uranus trine in the wee hours of Friday Brooklyn Standard Time, so after I got home from the office I was able to figure it all out plus do a marathon run-through before passing out at 3 a.m. While still in bed the next morning, the Moon now in Taurus, I figured out what I was going to wear.

The poetry and prose performance itself, with the Sun less than a degree away from my very strongly aspected Neptune, went very well and I'm glad I bothered to find a videographer to film (Neptune!) it plus my Taller Half's performance. A gaggle of good friends showed up at Cornelia St. and we had a fun time afterward at an Indian restaurant--and despite drinking plenty of wine and ingesting plenty of spices, my digestive system did not revolt.

Now on the verge of the Full Moon in the last degrees of Scorpio and Taurus, this is a good time to take stock of the entire Scorpio period and balance intense ego needs and desire for taking sexual and financial risks with emotional sensuality and desire for comfort and security. Overindulgence in food, drink, drugs, and/or sex is a real possibility with this Sun/Moon combination, so try to be moderate in your extreme needs and wants.

It is indeed of great significance that this is the second Full Moon in a row that falls in the last degree of a sign. And it will happen again next month.

Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving report!


  1. Hi, so sorry to hear about your eye issues and glad other things are going well. Take care, good luck with the next round!

  2. Well, you and me with the eye issues! You probably know that Mercury was conj fixed star Antares - a few days after Halloween. Mars was in there too.

    I had to make a sudden trip to my ophthalmologist as well after a visual fright on 11/5 but my issues turned out to be not dangerous like yours.

    Heavens, take care of yourself and your precious eyeballs!

  3. Hey Laura, long time no hear! (I won't go near the "see" aspect.) Hope all's been well with you.

    Parin, please take care of your eyes too. I must admit I haven't been paying much attention to what's been going on with the Fixed Stars, so I really appreciate your insight. It did occur to me earlier this month, however, that my progressed Sun is conjunct Regulus at 29 Leo, a Fixed Star associated with (gak!) blindness. Obviously switching from an optometrist to an ophthalmologist was in the stars.

  4. Any nearer posting your Thanksgiving report. I'm hungry for the insights and humor. BTW, how's the eye? I had a similar accident in March when transiting mars did something nasty to natal Venus (if I remember correctly). Fell, jammed my glasses into the upper left cheek bone just under the eye. (I have Venus in Aries). Bled like a stuck pig. Now have a scar that makes me look like I had a fencing wound.

  5. Clark (and anyone else reading my blog still waiting for my Thanksgiving post): sorry for failing to deliver my turkey forecast. Seems a bit too late to do so now--but in case you still care, Moon was in Cancer on Thanksgiving, which would've amped Family Issues, for good or for ill, bigtime! Also might've meant an especially delicious meal.