Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Letter from "Anonymous Follower"

I received this comment about my last post ("Ch-ch-changes," 9/23) over the weekend and thought I would share it:

I still like you a lot, but please do not bring politics into your witty, intelligent and knowledgeable Plutonian astrology..even as a fellow Plutonian I understand that you can not resist..I follow you and you are always spot on with all planet's directions... But please more astrology and no politics-it just doesn't make you look have taken away from your overall allure with your unintentional tirade..why?
I know you can write whatever you want, but this has made me question my intention of contacting you and doing astrological consultation...I will still follow you but I am not sure if you would be sick of me -as a part of all the political things you are sick off... as we all are..

The piss-and-vinegar Plutonian in me cannot resist dissecting this left-handed love letter for all 21 "followers" of my astrology blog (plus an unknown number of casual or uncommitted readers) to enjoy. Maybe I'll wind up alienating some more of my small-but-select readership...that's how I'll truly know I'm on to something good! And since my secret admirer self-identifies as a Plutonian, I won't bother mincing words.

I may very well have gone on for too long about politics in my last post. However, it did not come from nowhere; it was within the context of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces. I first made observations on this major aspect's more positive manifestations, then had quite a bit to say about the negative--which focused on politics. Had I also included environmental issues, or expanded upon the potential for creative inspiration and genius, perhaps the post would've read in a more balanced way.

I believe that astrology blogs can include politics within the context of astrology, and this is what I set out to do, even if it went on too long because I am, in fact, tired and disgusted by the nonstop propaganda and flat-out lies, and I am very concerned about how the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will reverberate and possibly affect other major aspects to come over the next few years.

I live in the real world, and cannot and do not want to astrologize in a vacuum. That would be doing everyone, including myself, a disservice. Everything, including Anonymous's comment and my response to it, is fair game in the context of various transits and aspects.

Anonymous's comment was sent to me on Saturday, the day of the Sun/Pluto square (indicating resentment, challenges to the ego, and power struggles). I did not see the comment till today, as I spent the weekend offline. The Moon is now in late Taurus, approaching a square to Neptune, so I'm more inclined to react to this red flag being waved in my direction (Taurus) and address this follower's, and my own, disappointment and confusion (Neptune) than to say "whatever" (which, despite my membership in the "X" generation, I try to avoid saying or thinking anyway).

If this one "tirade," as my anonymous commenter described it, has had the effect of dimming my "overall allure" and putting him or her off contacting me for an astrological consultation despite my "witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable Plutonian astrology," so be it...and so much the better. I wouldn't want to do astrological work for someone who would latch on to the one thing I've done on my blog that, in his or her opinion, "just doesn't make [me] look good" in over a year of "spot on" astrology posts.

It is, of course, Anonymous's right to express his or her opinion, just as I am free to opine that Anonymous is engaging in the kind of pedestal-toppling that results from rigid perfectionism (or perhaps from rigidly adhering to putting people into neatly defined categories).

As for the sign-off, "I will still follow you but I am not sure if you would be sick of me -as a part of all the political things you are sick off... as we all are...," huh? How exactly would Anonymous's continuing to follow me make me feel as ill as when I ponder political things (that apparently everyone is also sick of)? Does Anonymous think he or she is all that? Even though I've devoted an entire post to this comment, that does not mean Anonymous is even close of making my Major League Sick List.

At least, not yet.


  1. That "love letter" is almost funny.

    Sorta makes me think of people who object to celebrities expressing opinions on political issues.

    Why not hear what the celebrities have to say??

    I think you look just fine and I have no idea what you look like. LOL

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Parin. Funny about your mentioning celebrities...I was going to mention how the Beatles caught hell for saying they were against the Vietnam War...and John Lennon responded that he was tired of pretending he couldn't have a political opinion just because he was a musician...but I didn't want to seem to be comparing myself to the Beatles (even though they're my favorite group ever), and I sure ain't no celeb. But you make a very good point. Why indeed should anyone be put into an "entertainment purposes only" box and be discouraged from expressing their real-world views?

  3. Love letter-left handed or not-was a love letter, but it's hard to love you-why did you get mad?
    It's Pluto.
    I am still going to follow you and your spot on explanations.
    Such a sharp and clear insight.
    Please don't be mad because I don't feel comfortable when you go after conservative, liberal, (not to mention ever climbing trend of socialism-wrapped into social responsibility on a door step of communism) democratic or republican views-not from astrological angle( as you did in one of your previous postings),but on a personal level.
    If I only knew it would bother you so much I would have never post it.
    Why do you ask if I think that I am all that?
    I am reading your blog because you are all that, this is not competition??,I don't have your knowledge of astrology and planet Pluto, nor have I questioned it, I just felt uncomfortable in a place where I felt very comfortable before..I hope you understand. I think I am a decent and good person,with many flaws just like anybody else.
    I maybe can't express myself as witty and well read as you can, but that doesn't mean I am writing you a Left handed love letter.
    Your respond has buried me -your occasional follower,you have already erected my Anonymous above it...and all of that from you, based on my simple comment? Are you sure it's only my Love letter or there is more and if there is- I cannot take got so angry with me I would be on a lookout for your backhand if I was in your presence.
    Do you think you are onto something good by burning it all or ..I hope you are not mad anymore,whatever the reason for you to dissect me like you did (for everybody to enjoy) I still find your knowledge about astrology and planets in aspects easy to comprehend and intelligent. Far as your personality,which you got to show off by not mincing words-it's fine-
    I get mad too.
    Hey I still like you and this should be signed by Buried Anonymous.You didn't have to dig that deep!

  4. Buried Anonymous:

    I chose to respond to your initial comment in a new post because it raised issues I feel strongly enough about to want to share with all of my readers, and as luck would have it, Parin raised an interesting point that I nearly included in my post, but didn't.

    I think I made it pretty clear in yesterday's post why your comment raised my ire, and if you still don't understand why, I suggest that you read my post again. If it still doesn't sink in, I'm sorry, but I don't have to reiterate why your comment left such a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. Oh you are still on a high horse, I was waiting to see if you are still angry and I guess you are...well it's too bad.
    It must be very lonely where you are, but I can see that you strongly believe in it.
    I see you are resenting to look back in your own anger, you would rather carry it so close and never let go??
    Well.. who cares?.. ( whatever -generation X ), go ahead and bite someones head off-as long as it's not yours,you have every right to do so, your blog, your opinion-you opining and no reiterate action...looks perfect to me.
    Do not color outside of the lines please otherwise all of your readers 21 plus us occasional ones might find themselves put in certain categories..
    Really, you are lost for words?
    Or is it just that you are lost for nice, loving, carring,compassion, friendly words...better keep space for your current vocabulary and thoughts-it takes all of you. At least we all can see where you stand, you are so right about that and it's what you wanted- much better-is what you said??
    Really T.C. that's it?

  6. As you wish.
    Even buried under piss and vinegar-is that what you produce?- I can see you.