Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ambivalent Ode to Jupiter in Gemini

Rapidly expanding and rhyming mind

Getting to know a new neighborhood—

Little sister and I playing nicely together

In many ways, my life is good.

On the flip side, though, I find

that I am overthinking more than I should

My evil twin is stormy weather

Whose tantrums recall toddlerhood.

I daydream during the daily grind;

Simple facts are misunderstood;

I am rudderless as a single feather

Floating above a darkened wood.

_____________________________________________ Jupiter is in Gemini between June 11, 2012, and June 26, 2013.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Post-Solar Return Musings

Despite my Solar Return's falling on Friday the 13th this year, nothing violent or even spooky went down. I spent the day counting my blessings, and the evening chowing down on homemade lobster rolls, potato salad, and "cool" slaw all put together by Chef Boyfriend. His daughters, cat, plus my bestie were on hand to help me celebrate.

That was the gourmand, cozy side of my birthday moon in Taurus; the musical side occurred two nights earlier, with the Moon just having entered Taurus and trining my Venus, and the Sun hitting the same degree of my natal Sun (20 degrees, for the curious). Mercury was squaring my Moon on Wednesday, yet it played out as healing energy between my little sister (a Sun in Scorpio) and me; she had very unexpectedly invited me up for a midweek visit to see the B-52's and Squeeze in Boston, at the seaport, and we had a wonderful time. Never before had I been in the front row of a concert, and it was magical. My sister and I dressed up, she in a silver dress and pink fishnets and me in a white sundresses patterned with pink flamingos, which I think both bands appreciated, as most concertgoers were casually dressed and a fair amount of eye contact occurred flowed between some of the musicians, me, and my sister. We barely sat down the whole evening, yet were not overheated by dancing due to being kissed by the Boston Harbor breeze.

During the Sun-Moon sextile yesterday afternoon, I swam at Brighton Beach and sketched. All in all, Wednesday and Friday more than made up for the fact that when my Solar Return was exact on Thursday afternoon, I was sending a fax instead of engaged in something less mundane.

Interestingly, although my progressed Moon is in Gemini, my SR Moon is at a critical degree (9) of Taurus, poised on the 7th House, and Mars is very close to conjuncting my Uranus. I plan not to play in traffic this year, and to do everything in my power to deepen and stabilize all my emotionally based relationships.