Friday, February 3, 2012

My Apartment Now Looks a Lot Emptier

So it's done. Ex-boyfriend officially moved out on the Moon-Venus square, with Moon at my Midheaven squaring my Pluto and Asc. and Venus approaching an opposition to my Pluto. Translation: It is indeed possible to know rationally that a domestic situation ending is for the best, and still feel like utter shit. My stomach hurts.

I am already jonesing for Zephyr, the little zebra handmade in Kenya I gave to my ex for Christmas 2010. I realize how neurotic this sounds, but it's the truth. I am not sure what astrologically corresponds to a love of stuffed animals (not indiscriminate love, mind you). They're not exactly toys (which I would consider a Gemini-Mercury / Leo-Sun thing) although you can play with them; they can be a comfort and a springboard to one's imaginative capabilities.

Anyway, in the spirit of defensiveness I shall include some photos of Zephyr so you can see for yourself that he is the most adorable zebra in the world and worthy of missing with all of one's heart. The scarf he is wearing is a going-away present; I cut it down from an old cashmere scarf I no longer wear. You can also see him flipping (one of his two favorite activities, the other being camouflaging, which he is also doing with my striped sheets) next to his rolling best friend, William, who is being far more stoic about Zephyr's departure than I am.

Thank god the ex and I never got the brilliant idea to get a dog.


  1. aww those stuffed animals are so cute :)