Saturday, October 2, 2010

Venus and Mars Don't Go Out on a Date When They Meet in Scorpio

Venus und Mars, Giovane, c. 1590

This weekend is marked by the Venus/Mars conjunction in sexy, intense, mysterious Scorpio (exact Sunday at 5:59 p.m. EDT). Combine this energy with the Moon in fiery, extroverted Leo, there could be some pretty wild parties going on--but whether you are single or attached, try to get some alone time with the one you feel love (Venus)and lust (Mars) for even if you are also tempted to be a bit of an exhibitionist (Leo) regarding your sexuality (Scorpio).

This is a great time to explore your sexuality with a partner who is open-minded. If you are tempted to role-play, make a porno video, go to a sex club, read erotica together by candlelight, or dig out your adult toy chest--or visit a kink-friendly shop for fur-lined handcuffs or patent-leather boots--go for it. Even if you don't have a partner with whom to experiment, you still have yourself, and you have every right to turn yourself on if no one at that party you go to (or crash) responds to the sexual magnetism you are radiating.

Please note, however, that Scorpio is a sign of extremes and can be self-destructive, so here I'm going to slap on that "Play It Safe" label in glowing neon letters. This warning is particularly true for those of you who are Cancers or have Cancer Rising, Aries or Aries Rising, and Taurus or Taurus Rising. (And how about if you happen to be a Scorpio or have Scorpio Rising? Well, you're probably too hot to trot to listen to me, but yeah, that goes for you, too.)

If sex is out of the question this weekend for whatever reason, since Scorpio is also connected to clairaudience, you may wish to dig out that ouji board and hold a seance. A film noir festival would also make good use of this mysterious, deep energy, as would a seafood feast (ideally a clambake on the beach, but Red Lobster will do) with dark chocolate for dessert.

Interestingly, Venus is now moving more slowly than Mars--and the love planet will turn retrograde on Friday 10/8, at 3:06 a.m. EDT. Venus does not often experience retrograde periods (unlike Mercury!) and I take this to mean that whatever goes down (or up, or sideways) this weekend, you will soon have second, or third, thoughts about it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but do keep that in mind in case you either are tempted to pop a pretty serious proposition or are the "popee."


  1. T.C. can you maybe explain random murders that took place in last few days?
    One is by teenager strangling his younger brother -according to reporters has mental issues,second murder is of couple in New York Staten Island stabbed more then 20 times by their schizophrenic son. He escaped to Israel and was apprehended there and is deported back to USA.
    Is it just a coincidence that trial for Nidal Hassan -who murdered our soldiers in Kileen TX -is also held now and he also has mental problems?
    My question-any aspects to bring out the worst in disturbed people?
    I really like your blog,thanks .

  2. Sorry for taking a week to get back to you--other duties prevented me from logging onto my own blog. Anyway, Venus, planetary ruler of Libra, turned retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of its detriment, 2 weeks ago, which could trigger the worst in people who are heavily influenced by Venus or Venus's signs (Taurus and/or Libra). Scorpio energy is so intense, yet can so easily slip off the edge into something unbalanced and horrible. Please stay tuned for my next update (coming this afternoon), and thanks for your kind words about my blog!

  3. T.C. You rule!!I love your new post and thank you so much for reflecting on my questions.
    I really like how you can explain planetary movement.
    It was very shocking to learn about three murders by mentally disturbed individuals in the same day( week ago),I thought of you and what explanation you might be able to provide...your reader Janey.