Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Mars Trines Uranus on the New Moon

There is an expression in the United States, "Dance like no one is watching." Well, this is not the time to follow that philosophy. We are emerging from the Dark of the Moon on a Mars-Uranus trine; the New Moon occurs on Monday at 8:03 a.m. ET, just an hour and a half after said trine. This means you need to drive like the whole world is watching. No car, you say? No problem. Lace up your kick-ass-est boots or sneakers (both types of footwear are associated with athletic Sagittarius, where Mars is currently transiting) and push your geographical and philosophic envelope as far as it will go. On a trine, you may surprise yourself with how flexible you are. This is a fine time to learn a new language, explore new lands, exercise your body and your mind, taste a new cuisine, and/or examine your beliefs. (Great Pumpkin, anyone?)If it's exotic, it's exactly what you need. (Which is partly why I picked this week to travel to Berlin!)

Do keep in mind, however, that since this New Moon falls in Libra, you will want some pleasant company on your journey, whether it's a game "partner in crime" or a travel agent (either literal or metaphoric) riding shotgun. Being adventurous now will not necessarily translate into being 100 percent autonomous.

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