Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunar Scorpion Corner: In Honor of My Grandpa

This installment of the Lunar Scorpion Corner is in honor of my paternal grandfather, who was born 101 years ago today but unfortunately died nearly 30 years ago.

That I know anything at all about unconditional love is in large part thanks to this wonderful man, a Pisces born with Moon in Scorpio (as well as Jupiter in Scorpio). He was a GP doctor, undoubtedly one with immense healing abilities given his Sun-Moon combination.

As far as I know, Grandpa was the only other member of my family with a Scorpio Moon. Perhaps it is the sort of placement that skips a generation? All I know was our shared Moon sign gave us a very special emotional connection.

I am truly fortunate to have had him for the first 12 years of my life. I still remember his gentleness, his humor, and the walks we took on Lido Beach, where my grandparents had a summer place. He always seemed happy to see me, whatever we did.

Lunar Scorpions often have tumultuous love lives; in my grandfather's case, he was married to a harsh, heartless woman for over 40 years. I am half convinced that he would've lived a much longer life if it hadn't been for my EG (evil granny). Then again, I would not be here had he married someone else...or perhaps I would, but in a vastly different package. Right after he died, EG informed me that he was the one who wanted to visit my little sister and me on Sundays, not her; it was only because of his insistence that they were in our lives (as well as the lives of our parents).

Thus I found myself at the tender age of 11 3/4 having this very guilt-inducing thought for the first (but far from last) time: "Why couldn't Grandpa have lived, and Granny have died instead?"

When I lived within walking distance of Brooklyn Heights, I would walk down Henry Street, where he was born, and pay silent tribute to this man. I am definitely a better person for having known him. Thanks, Grandpa.

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