Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Twas the Night Before the Uranus-Pluto Square, and All Through the House...

...or shall I say "houses"?

A few posts ago I wrote about the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square; the first of seven (!) is exact tomorrow, June 24, 4:14 a.m. EDT.

I turn now to you, Dear Readers, to further enlighten (or endarken) me on this major aspect -- for although outer-planet aspects are collective and global in nature, the world is comprised of individuals.

If you know your birth chart, please write in and let me know in which houses the Uranus-Pluto square occurs, as well as any pertinent details as personal as you care to make them.

If you do not know your birth chart, but have been reading about the Uranus-Pluto square, how has this square been affecting you?

I am interested to hear from you whatever your sign, age, or experience of the square, but am especially interested in hearing from those of you who were born during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66, for the Uranus-Pluto square marks your official entry into midlife. Any interesting crises to report? Any predictions on the trajectory of your "X" generation?

How about those of you who were born a decade later, 1975-76, with natal Pluto at 8 degrees of Libra (which forms a stressful T-square to the already-stressful Uranus-Pluto square)? Post-Saturn Return but pre-midlife, are you energized or are you burning out?

And what's up with you even younger upstarts born in 1988, with Neptune at 8 degrees of Capricorn (conjunct transiting Pluto and square transiting Uranus)? Are you having a spiritual awakening, dissolving any walls or defenses, or are you having a full-fledged waking nightmare?

Okay, I will share first: the Uranus-Pluto square falls in my seventh (Uranus) and fourth (Pluto) houses. I have just moved (for the second time with Pluto transiting my fourth house of home), and it was extremely traumatic despite the overwhelmingly positive "realities" (location-location-location, plus cheaper rent). My relationship (seventh house) feels uneven and unstable (Uranus) partly due to the move and partly thanks to unexpected (Uranus again!) and unwelcome health issues brought on by too little sleep and too much stress (my sixth house of health and work is 29 degrees of Aquarius, and so is ruled by Uranus). And speaking of work, I have lost much of my freelance (oh, you're still here, Uranus?) momentum; I have little energy to hustle for projects, which is at least half the freelancer's battle. At least today, on the Sun-Neptune trine, I had a good day with my Neptune-ruled sweetie, first at my new place (Sun in Cancer) and then at the beach (Neptune in Pisces), though I could have lived without the annual Mermaid Parade crowd. Too bad my energy later drained to the point that I ended the night alone (oh, you Neptune, you).

Your turn. I thank you in advance for your candor.


  1. I'm in the Pluto in Leo generation - 10/17/49. My natal Uranus is 5 degrees Cancer, 8th house and my Pluto is 17 degrees Leo,9th house. Just spent 5 years with my second Sturn Return and Saturn in Libra. I guess I can survive anything at trhis point.

    1. Thanks for writing in, "Pluto in Leo"...the Uranus-Pluto square certainly triggers your natal Uranus. Are you shaken not stirred?

    2. Hi, T.C.
      I have this aspect in my 10th (Uranus) and 6th (Pluto) houses.
      In my everyday life I am trying to get pregnant. This could have something to do with Uranus in the 10th house (Where did I come from? Where am I going? Where do I want to go?) making me realize all the ways I am and how I will change (Pluto) if I become a mother. Whatever way I do it, I'll have to do it a little offbeat or at least in my own way.
      Things are a-changing--rapidly and will continue to do so... Uranus lives in my 6th house! Very interesting indeed...

    3. Hello again, HiLLjO!

      Sounds to me like you might benefit from a family-planning reading. Do you have Cancer Rising, or Leo? In either case, you could do far worse than to have the Uranus-Pluto square occur in harmonious houses. It suggests that you might be able to transform its energy into something more trine-like.

    4. I will have a budget after July to hopefully get a reading with (finally!!!) so I think I'd benefit, too.
      Cancer is my ascending sign and my moon is in Leo. heehee!
      I tend to make the best of the present energies anymore. Phew!

  2. I'm entering a T-square with the Uranus-Pluto square in opposition from the 9th and square from the 6th to my natal pluto in libra in 3rd (which conjuncts my natal venus and opposes my natal jupiter). Besides, in my progressed chart, I'm approaching a progressed new moon in 6th that will conjunct transiting pluto (actually transiting pluto is already passing over progressed sun). With so many personal planets involved both natal and progressed it seems this T-square can bring major problems between 6th (work and health), 3rd (siblings, neighbours, communications) and 9th (education, foreign dealings). I'm waiting to see what it brings, but with the progressed new moon entering the T-square I suppose that no matter how bad things look like for now the process can only lead to the end of one life chapter and the beginning of a new one. Fingers crossed all is well that ends well!