Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Saturn-Neptune Square, Part 2

It finally makes sense now.

I'm not only talking about this week's carnage in Orlando (where not only was there a massacre at a gay nightclub but a murder of a pop star and a deadly alligator attack) and, across the Atlantic, the fatal stabbing of a British politician. I'm talking about me, yet again, trying to figure out why June hasn't been heaven with whipped cream on top with Neptune at 12 Pisces trining my natal Moon at 12 Scorpio all month while my progressed Moon at 28 Cancer is trining my Natal Neptune at 28 Scorpio and about to conjunct my natal Mercury -- the ruler of my chart, though my Rising Pluto sure does a lot of throne-hogging.

To be sure, Mars is still retrograde in Scorpio, a classic example of a time when bullies prevail. But the low energy, the constant minor yet annoying and debilitating health ailments, the time squeeze -- even the unexpectedly extreme savaging of my writing at the hands of two so-called experts -- all go far beyond Mars retrograde. Finally, I figured it out: Saturn and Neptune have been squaring each other for the second time all month. Since Saturn is retrograde and Neptune just turned retrograde, the square will be in effect for a few weeks past the exact square on June 17.

In many ways, Saturn and Neptune have as little in common with each other as the more obvious polarity of Saturn and Jupiter (interestingly, until Neptune was discovered Jupiter was the ruling planet of Pisces as well as Sagittarius). Saturn is all about structure, boundaries, rules, discipline; Neptune's waves dissolve all of those things. I'd imagine that in a flowing aspect such as a trine or sextile, Saturn and Neptune can join forces to scale the heights while plumbing the depths, with Saturn's ironclad discipline and Neptune's creative vision. I actually remember the Saturn-Neptune trine c. 1978; I might have been only eight years old, but damn, was I on fire in a good way. I also remember the far more recent Saturn-Neptune trine of 2013, as well; again, it was a very creative, relatively stable time. The square? Forget about it. Squares don't know how to do anything but fight. And unlike an opposition, which at least involves harmonious elements if not signs, there is no chance at satisfactory compromise. Even if there is a "winner," it comes at a huge cost (morals 'n' ethics, not just money).

The Saturn-Neptune square is akin to the Titanic after hitting the icebergs. The ship is sinking, and someone is rearranging deck chairs. Although the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15 had astrologers all over the world hyperventilating, it seems the so-called Quiet One is wreaking just as much havoc. This is such an extreme time in all areas of life, and it shows no signs of letting up. (The third square, by the way, occurs in September, so we really don't get much of a reprieve this summer.)

I "get it," and I also get that the current progressed and transiting trines in my chart, while not manifesting in joy, inspiration, or achievement, are softening the harsh blow of the Saturn-Neptune square at least somewhat. I may not feel well, I may feel misunderstood and undervalued, but at least I am alive, there is some love in my life, and have a few things to look forward to. In other words, I am remembering to be grateful for what I have, and realizing that it could be far, far worse.

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