Friday, November 11, 2011

Ode to Full Moon in Taurus (one day late)

Do you dare admit to your heart's desire?
The things that set all of you on fire?

Can you face up to what you truly want?
Or do you stop yourself by claiming you don't?

What do you see when you gaze into a mirror?
Does your reflection laugh or cry you a river?

Can you be rich without any money?
Can you be sweet without any honey?

Can you be hot without having a lover?
Can you have power without running someone over?

Do you feel most alive when on the edge,
Perched on a metaphorical ledge?

Will you turn into a werewolf on this Full Moon?
Or sip someone's blood with a silver spoon?

Do you feel pulled apart and wanting it all?
Do you wish you could be an iconic idol?

Are you developing X-ray vision?
Or the intensity of nuclear fission?

Can you answer any of these questions in all honesty?
If so, feel free to report back to me.

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