Friday, August 13, 2010

Friggatriskaidekaphile's Delight

Ah, what better time to pick up on my astrology anti-horoscope blah(g) than on Friday the 13th?

For those of you who have been hanging out on this site for at least the past month, it shouldn't come as any great shockarooni that 13 is my favorite number. Yes, I celebrated my birthday exactly one month ago--but my love of 13 is not only about my birth date.

The number 13, regarded by many with a combination of awe and fear, is clearly ruled by Yes It's Still a Planet Dammit Pluto. Even without taking into consideration this number's early pagan connection (which was an especially positive one), followed by the Judeo-Christian connection (an especially negative one, due to the pagans' high regard for this number), even without pondering the fact that superstition is a Plutonic emotion/philosophy, and even without reflecting that 13 is one number past the perfect circle of a clock or the zodiac, just take a look at the 13th major arcana card in any Tarot deck: XIII = Death.

Now, any Tarot reader worth his or her salt knows that Death in this case does not mean the "significator" is about to be mowed down by a scythe-wielding skeleton in a hoodie; it's a card that speaks of profound inner transformation. Ah, the T-word. Pluto, anyone?

Fear of the number 13 translates into the tongue-twister "triskaidekaphobia" (if you can even say it once, it's an impressive feat), and since the 13th day of this month falls on a Friday, hard-core friggatriskaidekaphobes may have given into the tempation to call in sick and/or lock themselves in their homes to watch horror movies. (In case you are friggatriskaidekaphobic and reading this, please consider going out tonight, especially if you are in NYC: not only is it arguably the most comfortable day of the summer, the majority of accidents occur in the home.) Friday is ruled by Venus, so perhaps the combined energies of the love 'n' beauty planet and the sexiest planet in our solar system should be approached with awe and respect; however, instead of hiding under the bed alone tonight, why not roll around on top of it, either alone or in good company, and surrender to the possible ecstasy that can be yours so long as you face it and give it a saucy wink?

While you're at it, you might consider making a Venus/Pluto gesture to a southpaw, as today happens to be International Left-Handers' Day. (If you suffer from sinistrophobia, just think, you can kill two phobias with

And wherever you happen to be at 11:31 p.m. EDT, pause to let Uranus's retrograding back into Pisces wash over you like a warm, salty, midsummer wave.

And if this weekend you find yourself caught between two polar opposite choices, situations, people, or sides of your own personality, remember that we are coming up on the Jupiter/Saturn opposition (exact Monday 8/16 at 4:45 p.m.). You may feel like gambling at the same time you feel the need to sock away every penny; you may desire travel and philosophy and parties at the same time you're in an antisocial, agoraphobic rut stronger than Duco cement glue.

Which, when you think about it, really makes all this friggatriskaidekaphobia business supercalifragilismallpotatoesdocious.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful.

    Hope your fav day was a Plutonian as mine was. o~0

  2. Oh I am laughing with myself,don't think others would get it right away. I enjoy your writing and your observation of Friday 13th..I thought of it this morning and saw hearse approaching from oncoming traffic(forgetting there is a funeral home by Dallas Cowboy's stadium back entrance- I drive by on my way to work- every day).I looked for button to hold on to and found it, but also found my melancholic smile and a lot of memories of old world superstition. 13 is great and even better when you write about it..

  3. Thanks for your comments; I thought that perhaps I'd missed the Friggatriska wave because it was already 8 p.m. EDT when I posted...but the beauty of the Internet is that it's always earlier someplace else, and some people (particularly Plutonians) don't get started till much later anyway.

    Forgot to mention in my post that social historians Neil Howe and William Strauss dubbed what most know as "Generation X" the "13th Generation" back in 1990 (see their tome titled Generations), the year before writer Douglas Coupland arrived on the scene; according to Strauss and Howe, those born in the U.S. between 1961-81 are the 13th generation of Americans (if you count the Puritan Generation, which apparently has many parallels to modern-day Boomers, as the first) and were generally maligned as materialistic, Halloweenish barbarians by the media (13 just doesn't get good PR).