Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mercury Turns Retrograde Just in Time for Turkey Madness

Since mid-October, when Mercury entered Scorpio, Mercury and Venus have been traveling partners, almost but not quite reaching an exact conjunction in Sagittarius on November 12. Since that day, Mercury has been slowing down in its orbit from Earth's perspective, and is about to definitively part ways with Venus, which is nearing the end of Sagittarius.

It has been a lovely, intense combination indeed, with Mercury, the planet of communication, taking its cues from Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Many sweet nothings (or even sweet somethings) have been in the air, or whispered into ears.

However, this sweet-nothings-or-something weather is about to turn. Until December 13, Mercury Retrograde will at the very least encourage reflection over what went down during the past few weeks. More likely, particularly with Venus's exit from expansive, freewheeling, gambling Sagittarius and entrance into calculating, pragmatic Capricorn this Saturday, there may well be second thoughts concerning promises and faith in love. If you have been too optimistic lately, some cold hard facts may bring on a major buzz kill...but without Capricorn (and Saturn) to pull us back to earth, Sagittarius (and Jupiter) would keep expanding and fighting gravity and contradicting our essential earthbound parameters, making the inevitable burst bubble all the more painful. Better to take any necessary medicine willingly, and soon; a small dose of bitterness may save you from having to take a much larger dose later.

With the Moon in secretive, seductive Scorpio, the ideal Thanksgiving would be spent either in private or with your favorite non-platonic person, but if family obligations take over and you cannot make a late date, try for a rain check. (Please note that if you live on the West Coast, the Moon enters Sagittarius by 6 p.m., so you may actually be in a better position to slip off into the night than East Coasters.)

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