Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio: Buddha Moon

If you're not starting to feel Full Moon fever, I suggest you check your pulse.

The Full Moon in Scorpio, exact tomorrow, May 17 at 7:09 a.m. EDT, is perhaps the most powerful Full Moon of the zodiac. Not coincidentally, it is also Buddha's Sun/Moon combination. (Once, when I was playing around on OKCupid, I took a test called "Which Religious Founder Are You?" Apparently I had the most in common with Buddha. My reaction? "Cool beans!") Indeed, Buddha is a perfect example of a TET (totally evolved Taurus). He was born into wealth and creature comforts (Taurus), yet once he woke up and realized how sheltered and insular his life was, he left his father's house and confronted such harsh realities as poverty and such demons as greed, power-tripping, and lust. Buddha's Moon in Scorpio gave him the necessary "ins" of intuition, intensity, and instinct to not only survive, but transform and thrive, and thus become immortal (a Scorpio Moon person's most innermost desire).

Today and tomorrow are great days to do a little spring cleaning. Ace the broken tennis racquet, your rubber ducky from childhood that is blue with mold, and your Great Aunt Matilda's moth-eaten sweater set. You can still keep memories if you get rid of mementos.

This is also an auspicious time to reconnect with your sexuality and sensuality, to give yourself pleasure, and ideally share your ability to give pleasure with someone who is truly deserving of it. "Soul sex" is to "casual sex" as champagne is to flat ginger ale, as a dark chocolate truffle is to a stale Hershey's candy bar. Forgo your diet for a few days and go Tom Jones, with the understanding that you will work off the extra calories in the most achingly satisfying of ways.


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