Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Notes on Mercury Turning Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde four times a year, for a grand total of about twelve weeks spent in retrograde. Much is made of these times even by those who otherwise have no knowledge of or interest in astrology. The fuss is not for nothing; it is indeed advisable not to purchase a car (or any mode of transportation requiring an engine), a computer (or anything involving electronics), or clothing when Mercury is retrograde. It is par for the course that communications of all sorts will go awry, and that delays are common -- hence the advisory against travel.

However, there are benefits to Mercury retrograde. From 4:48 p.m. EDT today until April 23, we will all receive a much-needed opportunity to reflect upon, ponder, process, and potentially resolve what has been going down (i.e., a lot) in the world since Mercury entered Aries on March 9. The Jupiter/Saturn opposition, exact two days ago, is an aspect of societal distress, rebellion vs. rigidity, and overall lack of planetary balance. This very difficult opposition will be brought into greater focus as Mercury retrogrades back over Jupiter, and with any luck (Jupiter), a greater understanding (Mercury) of its various manifestations may be felt by such mercurial types as writers and orators. Even for others, a burned-out lightbulb may flicker on (Mercury in Aries) around April 12.

Particularly on days like this one, when Mercury is stationary retrograde, take a moment to pause on whatever path you are on, take a deep breath, and question what you truly think...about everything. And particularly since Mercury retrogrades in Aries, rise to the challenge of truly thinking for yourself.

For inspiration, go online and check out the close-up photos of Mercury, "coincidentally" made available today.

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  1. Hi T.C -you are always sopt on!!
    I just really want to thank you for in depth reading you gave me.
    I was very impressed with how organized you were and coordinating our appointment with ease and in timely manner.
    Especially thank you for sending my Solar return chart and explaining secondary progressions.
    I would like to remind you of maybe writing about importance of turning 19 ( years of age) how that impacts one's Moon in natal chart-if I remember well you mentioned - you should write about it?
    I said it would help many parents of Teenagers ( I am a parent of one ) grasp things from a different perspective?
    Everything is unfolding in exact way you advised me and I am feeling so much better knowing cut off dates of all phases.
    Thanks for such descriptive postings in March and April 2011.
    I will stay in touch and get reading from you again- you are great and very accurate!