Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mars Square Uranus: The Ultimate in Bird Flipping

If you're feeling more rebellious, independent, and pugnacious than usual,'re right on schedule with the Mars-Uranus square (exact 11:08 p.m. ET).

Personally, I have not been able to settle down to much of anything today. I hung out on Facebook (something I rarely do for more than 10-15 min. at a time, but today I felt like spending time in my Moon in Scorpio group), did a little work but not much, and was grateful that my period left me feeling merely fatigued instead of horribly cramped or incapacitated with a migraine (both strong possibilities under a Mars-Uranus square).

Mars is not well placed in Cancer under the best of circumstances, and square Uranus in Aries, this is not the best aspect under which to butt heads concerning domestic arrangements or living conditions. Depending on your own chart, you may be tempted to set aside your sentimentality and pitch out possessions. You may also feel like breaking something of sentimental value.

Fortunately, we are also coming into a Venus-Mars sextile (exact on Friday), so any damage done in relationships could be mended within the next two days -- but any abuse that occurs under this square should be taken seriously. People who already have bad tempers or difficulty managing their anger and/or alcohol intake could blow up in a highly destructive way, but even normally mild-mannered souls may feel like physically lashing out. If you can't do some kick-boxing, consider watching Rocky, Rebel without a Cause, or throw on some hardcore death metal and headbang to your heart's content.

PS: If you find most "New Age" types annoying, with their floaty, flaky, feel-good philosophy, and would prefer to have your chart read by astrologer who is equal parts rebellious, intelligent, articulate, pragmatic, and compassionate, please get in touch with me for my special "Dog Days" rates, good for the entire month of August.


  1. I, too, hung out too long on facebook and confronted a family member about the lack of acknowledgment towards my new child from them. I'm so sensitive to upcoming aspects (venussss) that it actually went well. Go figure.
    I've been having some horrific and very symbolic dreams. I hope they become more tamed.

    1. Mars (energy) + Uranus (technology, groups) = TMFB (too much Facebook). Sorry to hear about the family problem but it sounds like you worked it out. Are you writing down or recording your dreams? I know it must be hard to find the time to do something like that with a new baby, but it might help...and I hope you and yours had some good times on the Grand Trine two weeks back.

    2. Dear Indian Astrologers: Please stop leaving self-promoting comments in fractured English on this post (and ALL of my posts). It's really annoying. Promote your links elsewhere, not on my site. Thank you.