Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Back (In Case You Missed Me): Ready for Uranus in Aries?

Plutonians can be highly self-involved creatures, and I am no exception. For the past two months my concerns have focused almost entirely on my BM (big move): first finding the new apartment, which was a breeze due to following astrology; then packing up my old apartment, which was hellish, but I had help from my devoted Moon-in-Cancer sweetie; the actual move, which occurred on Tax Day, two days before Mercury turned Retrograde; and post-move unpacking (which has halted due to needing a new bookcase and another set of shelves to display doodads that will otherwise be tossed because I ran out of closet space.)

In fact, although Mercury turned Direct two weeks ago, it hasn't yet reached 12 degrees and 38 minutes of Taurus, where it was when it turned Retrograde on 4/17. So we're all still playing catch-up here.

With Uranus about to leave Pisces tomorrow at 9:49 p.m. EDT and dip its toes into headstrong Aries till it Retrogrades back into Pisces in mid-August, I am anticipating many big changes afoot (yes, all these Piscean puns are intended). We will be within shouting distance of the notorious Uranus/Pluto square, which last graced us with its presence in the early 1930s, the depths of the Great Depression and the birth of fascism. Uranus shies away from making that square exact till next year, but we will certainly get a taste of it--especially since Jupiter will enter Aries in early June and square Pluto in late July. Jupiter, in other words, could well be Uranus's pilot fish.

I do not exaggerate when I predict that Uranus in Aries will make the past seven years of Uranus in Pisces look like a walk through the park. Although Pluto's ingress into Capricorn in 2008 certainly mirrored the economy turning sour, the gap between the haves and the have-nots growing ever wider, and the symbosis between politics and Wall Street becoming ever more painfully obvious, Uranus in Pisces provided some measure of escape (Pisces) through technology (Uranus), and injected more CGI and 3-D into the movies (Pisces again). Uranus in Aries, by contrast, is far too martial to lose itself via dreamy escapism. The motto of Uranus in Aries is "Off with her head!" It is perhaps fortunate that next year Neptune enters its ruling sign Pisces; it may take the edge off Uranus in Aries, but it may also trigger coastal flooding and more gas leaks and spills.

Many pardons if this sounds alarmist, but with all the potential for reforming (Uranus) one's self-identity (Aries) on a collective level (Uranus again), and figuring out what you really want (Aries again), the next seven years will usher in an era of rising intolerance, me-first-ism, and bloodshed. Particularly in light of the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square, If I were a U.S. banker or a higher-up in Big Pharma, I'd make plans to move to a remote island in the Fijis and leave no forwarding address. If I were a politician, I would refuse to align myself with either party, and that includes the Mad-as-a-Hatter Tea Party. This will be a time to attempt to reshuffle the decks, not get into bed with corrupt, "too big to fail" institutions of any kind.

While it's true that more can be accomplished under a square than an easier aspect, more can be lost. Over the next seven years, we will all have to pick our battles (Uranus in Aries) wisely, even if that does mean fighting City Hall (Pluto in Capricorn). Many brave individuals will choose to sacrifice themselves, even if they are never recognized or eulogized.


  1. Metamagical Circuit (random excerpt)

    Practice, practice, vibrant mauve
    smoke rings for my lady
    Goddess grants this smiling day
    ritual of play
    Glory Glory fat silver swords
    swashling, caressing, violating the air
    You with your act of splendour, curtseys,
    curses, all guaranteed to cure
    a thousand years of sleep.

    Once upon a forest
    clip-clop horse hoofs
    noses snorting change
    seasons - paleo to neo
    robins hopping to seed greenery
    glowing owls, blessedly blind,
    grant swift sanctuary beneath wingspans
    illuminated in Arthurian myth,
    symbols that yearn like long dormant worms
    sucking out dark holes over eons

    Today we go to the circus.
    Gather, children,
    hooked to treacly tether
    sharing sweet secrets
    surreptitious touch
    Mind the invisible netting,
    safe from trailers hurtling from highway
    or perennial city bus discharge by zombie drivers
    only intent on fulfilling the schedule, home before

    The circus is superb.
    Imagine a trampoline ignited by grand fireflies
    sparkling dayglo spraypaint into heaven.
    Imagine noble elephants, gravely kneeling,
    telepathic tremolo soothing vibration
    carrying dreamtime back to Earth.

    Imagine a dandelion trail outside the
    schoolhouse window
    breathful breezes of mint and lilac
    destiny swells to crescendos of urgency.

    Imagine the day that dawns when
    you are no longer dreaming.

    May 23, 2010

  2. alarmism might not be fun, but it's hard not to be discouraged when pondering the state of the country, or, beyond that, the world at the moment. too many people bury their head in the sand of "we won't fail, becuase we can't afford to". not that we should stop trying, though, even if things look bleak -- we just need to acknowledge how difficult and unsure the situation is.

    and if nothing else, we can always take comfort from those we hold dear . . . -Pacer

  3. I've been checking out all the astrology blogs - in part because I'm thinking of starting one of my own. I've been finding a wide variety of interpretations for all the dramatic astrological events that we're experiencing. Yours is closest to the way I see things.

    I guess what I worry most about is another civil war in the US. We are definitely entering an impatient, rash, confrontative time. And I do see a very polarized world out there, like dry tinder waiting for the match.

    And then sometimes I think about it more positively. Fire is good, fire burns out all the chaotic undergrowth & makes a new fertile ground for the next harvest. Like that. What's astrology good for, if you can't look at things from a several-centuries-away overview?

    Thanks for your blog, I'll keep checking in here. I like your logo: "Still a planet to astrologers".