Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shape-Shifting Virgo: Michael Jackson

Today would've been Michael Jackson's fifty-first birthday, and so despite the relentless media coverage following his demise earlier this summer, I thought I'd take a brief moment to acknowledge this deeply talented, deeply troubled individual, who was born with a close Sun/Pluto conjunction in the First House of self-identity.

In a way, "Jocko" was more of a Scorpio because of the heavy Plutonian influence--and he certainly had more than his fair share of scandal, particularly surrounding what went on with young children at his "Neverland" ranch. Yet his essential Virgo self shone through in many ways: in his precocity, in being the youngest son of a harsh, authoritarian father who drove him relentlessly, in his insecurity that manifested in his turning from a handsome young black man into an apparition resembling the Phantom of the Opera.

The peak of Michael Jackson's fame occurred in 1983, when Thriller ruled the airwaves and he broke the unofficial color barrier on MTV with the incredible short film/music video of that album's title song. Yet the following year, Pluto transited into its ruling sign of Scorpio, and it seemed that the following dozen years were not particularly good for Michael. Nor did Pluto in Sagittarius turn things around for him--although he could've wound up in jail, but didn't.

His death's being ruled a homicide on the eve of his Solar Return is highly significant, and also extremely Plutonian: Michael was a drug addict, and yet the very people around him who could've and should've helped him (family, friends, and oh yes, doctors) instead enabled his addiction.

RIP, Jocko.

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