Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frame (and Hang) Yourself: Decorating Tips from Your Pluto Rising Astrologer

One thing you can pretty much count on not receiving from modern-day astrologers is a hand-drawn chart suitable for display; if you're lucky, you get a computer printout that may be useful, but won't win any awards from the Dept. of Aesthetics.

I am now offering this hand-drawn chart absolutely gratis for new astrology clients, and just $29.95 (free shipping within the U.S.) for those of you who may not want an in-depth astrology reading, but do want something appealingly unique to display in your home. Drawn by yours truly on heavy gray stock paper measuring an easy-to-frame 8.5" x 11", this personalized birth chart will fit in with pretty much every type of decor while also managing to stand out.

This hand-drawn chart also makes a thoughtful, unusual birthday or housewarming gift -- that is, if you can manage to find out your intended giftee's exact birth information (day/month/year/time/ birth city) without blowing your cover!

Officially intrigued? Please email me at with your information (once again: day/month/year/time/birth city) plus your mailing address. I will then direct you to my PayPal account. (If for some reason you do not wish to go through PayPal, I also accept money orders.)

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