Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Deep Is Your Love? Venus Meets Saturn; Mercury Turns Direct

Within three hours of Mercury's turning Direct in Scorpio (5:48pm ET), the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus opposed Mercury -- and Venus conjoined Saturn in Scorpio. Translation: thoughts took an emotional turn; the main focus of these thoughts was about the quality (as opposed to quantity) of your relationships. Although worry and depression may very well have shown up like unwanted guests, the main question, as the BeeGees put it so well at the height of the disco era, was: How deep is your love?

Venus in sexed-up Scorpio running into Saturn's cold, armored wall does not sound very sexy on the surface, but Scorpio knows just a thing or two about walls, relishes a challenge, and if it cannot pole-vault itself over that wall, it can dig under defenses and plumb the depths in a most effective manner. Venus in Scorpio is in it for the long haul, and when it meets Saturn, dead ashes can be rekindled; passion can revitalize a moribund romance, even bring back a long-lost love. Even with Mercury turning Direct, there is value in examining the past and cherishing foundations of all kinds. On an aesthetic level, vintage items hold far more appeal than new ones.

Interestingly, I spent the Venus-Saturn conjunction in a cold (Saturn) movie theater with my sweetie (Venus) watching Skyfall. (Minor spoilers ahead!) The theme of the movie pretty much sums up the Venus-Saturn conjunction: "Sometimes," as Mr. James Shaken Not Stirred Bond quips, "the old ways are the best." (This is also a tip of the hat toward the golden 50th anniversary of the 007 movie series.) Dame Judi Stiff Upper Lip Dench, playing an endangered-species M, is the true Bond Girl of this installment, despite the fact that she is about three times older than the average Bond Girl. James Bond himself is portrayed as an aging (Saturn), burned-out mess (albeit still appealing to the ladies and even to the Bond villain!), but we can get past his formidable defenses with something never before done in the Bond series: his tragic backstory. His return to his spooky childhood home in the moors of Scotland, ostensibly to settle the score, symbolizes another read of the Venus-Saturn conjunction: making peace (Venus), no matter how violent and cathartic (Scorpio), with your roots (Saturn), even as you realize that never again can you truly go home.

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