Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon / Labor Day Weekend Special: Mini Reading Discount!

Greetings, all ye readers both faithful and unfaithful:

Yours truly has got a "once in a Blue Moon" treat in store for you. If you contact me between now and 11:59pm (my time, which is EDT) on Labor Day (9/3), you will receive a special discounted mini reading, either by phone or written report, for just $20.20 (in honor of the crystal-clear vision that you may experience in the aftermath of this reading).

You can choose either a Mini Moon special, which will delve into the meaning of your natal Moon placement as well explore the situation of your progressed Moon, or

a Mini Mercury special, which will put you in closer touch with our solar system's innermost planet of communication and also just happens to rule Virgo, the Labor Day sign.

If you want both Minis, you need not make that choice; just double the above price to $40.40 and double your self-awareness.

To be sure, you can plug in your birth information into an astrology site and get instant gratification in the form of a free or nearly free reading on some or all of your planets -- a cookbook, black-and-white reading that cannot even begin to cop to nuance because all planetary descriptions are pre-written, cyber-canned, and have nothing to do with YOU. And forget about asking such a site any questions about your so-called report, or engaging in a dialogue.

If you value handcrafted, highly personalized authenticity over an instantaneous, one-size-fits-all approach, we have something in common. Hit me up at with your exact birth information (including year, time of day, and city/state) and if you do not have a PayPal account, either open one or be ready to deal with the relative hassle and delay of money orders.

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