Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Do you always look for the longest day and then miss it? I always look for the longest day and then miss it."

Had Daisy Buchanan, Dangerous Ditz Extraordinaire of The Great Gatsby, followed astrology, she surely would never have missed the longest day of the year -- the Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters the first summer sign of Cancer.

I have been somewhat MIA this month, as I had to go and move house under some extremely stressful aspects, including but not limited to the looming Uranus-Pluto square (see my last post for details on that aspect). However, I made it through in one piece (the Sun trined my natal Jupiter on M-day four days ago).

The sign Cancer concerns homemaking and this evening I am finally beginning to feel, after the past few weeks of packing madness and psychological dislocation, "at home." However, the lack of sleep and excess stress have taken their toll on my soul as well as my body. As much as my Pluto Rising cops to invincibility, with Mars just a degree and a half away from conjuncting my Pluto and Ascendant, I must take care of myself much better than I have been doing in recent weeks. This evening I have begun to do so, and in so doing, discovered a lovely herbal remedy shop in my new neighborhood; the helpful proprietor was "coincidentally" reading a book about astrology!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune square, a challenging aspect overshadowed by the square between Uranus and Pluto.


  1. Hope you continue to feel "at home."

    I love your story about the remedy. The details!!!

    1. Thanks muchly for your well wishes and I hope that during the waxing moon cycle I will indeed become more "at home" while at home. I'd gladly give more details on the apocethary in a future post, particularly because it nicely dovetails with astrology, but too many personal details = TMI. Even if I had a hairdresser, s/he wouldn't know for sure.