Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and values; Taurus is our zodiac's first earth sign and is ruled by the beauty-and-pleasure-seeking planet Venus. As Jupiter eases its big toe into Taurus, I thought it apropos to pose a set of related questions to my readers (and to myself!). Feel free to mull these questions over; there are no right or wrong answers, and Taurus is about ruminating, not rushing (that would be Aries's department). Plus, by the time Jupiter leaves the sign of the bull in June 2012, you may find yourself revising some of your responses.


What is your definition of beauty?

What is your attitude toward money?

Are you possessive about your possessions? Do you ever treat your friends and loved ones as possessions?

Which do you tend to value more: "things" or experiences?

Are you comfortable living in the material world?

Are you at ease living in your physical body?

How do you feel about art, and how does art feel about you?

How important to you are the senses of taste, smell, and touch?

What is your attitude toward food?

What is the difference between sensuality and sex?

Do you believe you can love someone if you do not love yourself?

Can you honestly say with a straight face that you love yourself?

What is the difference between stubbornness and persistence?

What are the parameters of your comfort zone, and do you feel comfortable pushing your envelope and departing from that zone?

Do you feel that slow and steady wins the race?

What race in particular are you running in (or not)?

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  1. I love this. A LOT to think about. And "how does art feel about you?" is a really interesting concept. Thank you for being so talented and insightful - a true gift you are.